Our services 
You can order from us any services in marketing, advertising and the PR.
<span style="font-weight: bold;">Package 1</span>
Package 1
227 euro

1. Mailing, 5 times, 1.5 months. Text, picture, logo, contact details 

2. News on the portal www.opticmagazine.ru

3. Banner on the portal www.opticmagazine.ru

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Package 2</span>
Package 2
3830 euro
Package 1 plus 

4. Stand at the exhibition 9 sq.m., standard 

5. Advertising in the "Optical MAGAZINE Russia", 1 page 

6. Presentation at the exhibition MIOF, business forum, 1 hour.

<span style="font-weight: bold;">Package 3&nbsp;</span>
Package 3 
8057 euro
Package 2 plus 

7. Showroom in Moscow for 6 months 

8. Maintenance of state registration of products (does not include payment of state duties, tests, certifications), 1 year

9. Maintenance of the conclusion of the contract with a partner (distributor), support of purchases, logistics, sales. 6 months 

Finished works Price
Data base. Russia optic market, shops, 1 region (one of the 10: south, southwest, center,  Moscow, Sankt-Petersburg, nordeast, Siberia, west, south-west, nordeast) 150 euro
Advertising in the "Optical MAGAZINE Russia", 1 full page 1200 euro
A stand for MIOF (Moscow international optical fair), 9 sq.m. standart, icld. registration and bank fits 2630 euro
Advertising in the portal www.opticamagazine.ru, 1 banner, 3 monthes 30 euro